by Waiting in Vain

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The third studio album of Waiting in Vain comprises six musical innovations and three remakes known to any WiV supporter which have been performed live at several occasions. On Evolution they unfold their full potential due to the band’s streamlined musical efforts. After several years being on the wagon Evolution brings WiV back to the stage following the album’s opener lore: „Nothing has happened to us – like phoenix from the dust“!


released March 3, 2017



all rights reserved


Waiting in Vain Dresden, Germany

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Track Name: Evolutionary (From F to K)
time was passing by
kein Zeichen von uns drein
has been something happened, has been something holding us back
don't be sad about
keep the faith inside out
your starlets are back
you're blessed for keeping track

nothing has happened to us
like phoenix from the dust
spit, blood, patheticness that's not what we address
fidelity, integrity, versatility

we are a solution for the execution
if you want evolution tonight
don't feel waiting in vain
a solution
came for reconstitution
you are evolution to us
we are Waiting in Vain

if shades are turning bright
Hellfire, Hades, Nirvana or Jannah
neither too close nor too far
and there you are
the beauty caught me by surprise
we did it, we made it, the mark is set
Track Name: Va Piano
Traeume entstehen, Traeume vergehen
wir kommen immer gern zurueck
die Tage mit dir geben uns Mut, wenn wir mal nicht beieinander sind

du bist einer von mir
keiner zwang dich ab von hier
die Arme weit offen
dein Schmerz traf mein Herz

geh, geh mit mir im gleichen Atemzug der Zeit
niemals fern und wie gern haette ich dich heute Nacht bei mir

jeder Schritt scheint so kalt
keiner hier, der mich versteht
jeder sagt, dass es weiter geht
till the end of fate

doch bin ich ganz allein heut Nacht
mein Schmerz in stiller Sehnsucht erwacht

Ihr bei mir

welcome home, finding home
Track Name: Are We No Good
for what do you care about your lies
your words are as true as gosh in the skies
what is the phrase to freak me out
just look into my eyes and speak it out – loud
should I believe in anything you've said it's more than those words you regret
you phrase it in a weird way
unconscious mind please have your say stay

so tell me now - what we are
so tell me now - are we no good
so tell me now - we went too far from home
so tell me now - where will you go
you are gone for good

I got hurt by all your love
that is all I'm thinking of
where is the time when I felt so glad
endless voices running through my mad head
what has happened was no act of choice
in my head it's still just noise
phrased by your lips it's going on and on
but your unconscious mind is not that strong wrong

be strong now because things will get better
it might be stormy but it can't rain forever
it might be stormy but it won't rain forever
but it can't rain forever
Track Name: Beautiful Appearance
she looks so beautiful
so unbelievable I request a smile from her
but this moment has changed again
she avoided calling her name
she avoided all the blame
I never understood why she felt so poor
poor little girl

your beautiful appearance is only a masquerade
you feel like a servant of purity and endless youth
all your insecurities arose from your mind
you crave for breeding your life
and you always hide your face

du wartest vergebens
irrst deines Strebens
Zeit deines Lebens
Your are waiting in vain in a constant refrain though no life time to gain
you are waiting in vain

it has ever been like that
love is what it's all about
you have to sacrifice yourself if you want to feel the true love
you look so beautiful, so unbelievable
I request a smile from you
but this moment has changed again
Track Name: Do You Believe
this invisible tear breaks my heart
please don't whisper my name
please don't say it's only a game
we are diverse
I bleed to death when we don't spend all the time in this challenging and awkward world

Sag' Ja

Ich kann hoffen
Ich darf lieben
Wir werden uns fuer immer sein
do you believe
Ja, ich will

there's something running through my veins
the sunlight burns all my pain
the sunlight reveals a secret place
the key to open the door is obsolete
but you said it straight into my face
let's make our love concrete

I could hold you
I could love you
I am sure I am your man
Track Name: Land After Darkness
a human life seems so short
not in touch with eternity
so what will carry your name to the wings of endless times
what if all the words are spoken
if everything's already done
is he forgotten who's gone, is he gone who's dumb

kein Mensch wird deinen Namen kennen die Engel lachen ueber dich
woher der Hochmut, den du spuerst, die Ewigkeit als dein zu sehen

zieh mit uns in diese letzte Welt, wo unsere Venus noch einmal erhellt
wir werden tanzen, wir werden lieben
unser Leid nicht mehr spueren
die letzte Zeit beginnt nun hier an diesem Ort
komm folge mir
lass uns traeumen
lass uns fliegen
ein Stueck Ewigkeit beruehren

works are drowning in words
the game of language is endless
if sense and sound are not fused
they will mean power and greatness
we will never enter eternity
wasn't it us who gave magnitude to the most unimportant things
Track Name: Awake Again
have you ever seen the light
that leads you from your deep dark night
and provides a lovely place that is meant just for you
there have been people who really said that everything is just a fake unreliable stuff fed from delusions

even if you die you are not really gone
but you will be always dear to my heart
I close my eyes
I reminisce about you

could you blame gosh for it
you know it's just a four letter word
why are so many things just pain in my head
He won wars where people died
peoples starve where others survive
and even dead people can awake again

the time has come and you are gone really gone really gone
but you will be always dear to my heart
I close my eyes
I reminisce about you
Track Name: Rot
manchmal braucht es doch nur einen kleinen Schritt
ein falsches Wort verwehrte Hand
ein kuehler Blick
ein Freispruch heisst doch nicht blosses Gleichgewicht
nimm die Zuegel in deine Hand

gib mir nur einen Augenblick
den kleinen Teil von deinem Glueck
die Augenlider sind so schwer
werd der Lage wieder ich der Herr
Spieglein, Spieglein an der Wand, siehst du den Teufel in meiner Hand
schau genau in dein Gesicht
wie dein Wesen zerbricht

schau mir tief ins Angesicht
deine Augen zaehlen nicht
du bist nun mein
sollst der Bote auf Erden sein
deine Chance ist vertan
Taten beschworen mich
es ist zu spaet
deine Wahl, die gibt es nicht

der Spiegel bin ich
ich sage dir, das bist du nicht
der Teufel ist in dir
es war doch nur deine Gier
komm mit, komm her, komm jetzt zu mir
begib dich zu mir
begib dich jetzt zu mir
sei dein eigenes Opfertier
schau hinein, schau doch jetzt hinein
rot ist nicht nur Blut und Wein
Track Name: Inane (SBS Remix)
unilateral unfolding
creeping noose
to commit an act of forgery
trust belongs to minority
make use of her is your aim
but now I try to understand

Inane, you're responsible for blame
nothing will be the same
where is your cache
you're the duchess of intrigues being the eclipse of her
yes certainly it's you being wired to insanity